Interior Decorating

Do you have a room that needs to be spruced up, but your stuck on how to follow through? We can help! By using items and pieces you already have, we can work together to create a new look for your rooms. We specialize in children’s spaces, playrooms, guest bedrooms, home offices and more! Together we will make a plan for your space, understand what the needs of the space are, and make plans to create exactly what you are dreaming of. Personal shopping, building needed items and refinishing existing pieces all contribute to making a space functional and useful.

Why choose furniture rescues to help plan your spaces?

  • Instead of purchasing all new pieces, we work with what you’ve got.
  • We can save you money and time by repurposing items and accessories that you already have.
  • We will personally shop and source to fill your space. Get a sense of YOUR style
  • We will create a Pinterest board especially for your ideas and suggestions for the space.
  • We will work within your budget