Custom Built Furniture

Furniture Rescues roots are in refinishing, painting, and restoring existing pieces. During our encounters of pieces needing work, we realized the need for quality, well made WOOD furniture. So many projects given to us were laminate, particle board, or MDF. We began with custom upcycling pieces to create bookcases, shelving and decorative storage for clients in need. From there we began constructing tables, coffee tables, and small decorative storage handmade from 100% wood. The benefits to using wood vs. new materials found in the big highway stores is immeasurable.

Here are some of the benefits of having custom built products:

  • You are receiving an item that is constructed entirely by hand, made locally by artisans who have passion and pride in their work. Its not by a machine overseas.
  • Wood furniture also stands the test of time. After years of use, wood furniture can be refinished and brought back to its original state, or altered to match changes in decor.
  • Whenever possible, we use reclaimed materials. Not only is reclaimed wood beautiful, dramatic and super-on trend, it is also great for the environment and saves salvage wood from being added to the landfill.
  • Convenience. Do you know exactly what you want? Measurement, colors, shape and finish? We can make it for you, to your specifications. No need to search the stores and internet for your needed item. We work with great local artists who are on the top of their game to achieve the look you need.