Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen Right Side

Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen Front

We were asked if it was possible for us to construct a play kitchen for a young girl’s Christmas gift. Having two small children myself, I couldn’t wait to get started on this project.

At Furniture Rescues we love giving new life to old, tired pieces. Some of the most common furniture items that we see on the side of the road are those bulky, wooden TV media cabinets that were made for the old-style CRT televisions. (The good ol’ days before the flat screen.) The cabinets generally were constructed to have a large spot for the TV, smaller slots that can contain the media components such as stereo systems and VCRs, and a place to keep all of those bulky VCR and cassette tapes. (Sorry to my young readers… Yes, I’m dropping some serious “old folk” terms on you, as you scratch your head wondering what a VCR is.)

Odds are that you or someone in your family still has a TV media cabinet that is collecting dust in a basement and begging for a home or spot on the curb. My parents went a step further… They wall-mounted their flat screen TV right above their old media cabinet. When they gave us an opportunity to create something new out of the media cabinet, we were thrilled!


Here Are The Steps From Concept to Completion

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