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How-To Turn An Outdated Media Cabinet Into A Play Kitchen

Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen Front

We were asked if it was possible for us to construct a play kitchen for a young girl’s Christmas gift. Having two small children myself, I couldn’t wait to get started on this project.

At Furniture Rescues we love giving new life to old, tired pieces. Some of the most common furniture items that we see on the side of the road are those bulky, wooden TV media cabinets that were made for the old-style CRT televisions. (The good ol’ days before the flat screen.) The cabinets generally were constructed to have a large spot for the TV, smaller slots that can contain the media components such as stereo systems and VCRs, and a place to keep all of those bulky VCR and cassette tapes. (Sorry to my young readers… Yes, I’m dropping some serious “old folk” terms on you, as you scratch your head wondering what a VCR is.)

Odds are that you or someone in your family still has a TV media cabinet that is collecting dust in a basement and begging for a home or spot on the curb. My parents went a step further… They wall-mounted their flat screen TV right above their old media cabinet. When they gave us an opportunity to create something new out of the media cabinet, we were thrilled!


Here Are The Steps From Concept to Completion

Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen Original Media CabinetThe TV media cabinet before transformation.


Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen LucyMy Daughter Lucy trying out the size. She’s the same age as the little girl who’s receiving the finished piece. Lucy played a role in this project, as you will see later!


Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen Wood DoorWe added a door with plywood that will eventually be the refrigerator hinges. We also added an additional wooden frame to frame-out the back where the window will be.

We got very lucky finding spare parts to make the accents for this kitchen. We had a wooden pull from an old dresser that served as the refrigerator handle, a metal bowl in our cupboard with a lip to serve as the sink, and a photo frame to use as the window. Our luckiest find was a plastic Dora Play kitchen on the curb that had a sink faucet that we were able to use. The picker gods were with us on that find for sure!!


Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen Debis Design Diary DIY PaintTime to select a main paint color. We knew we wanted to use a product by Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint. It was a tossup between Petticoat Pink or Cowgirl Coral. We love the color and the easy one-coat coverage that their DIY Paint offers.


Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen Front TapedAfter we screwed down and secured all the pieces we painted everything and then framed the lines for the refrigerator door and side insets with chalkboard paint. Since this project was going to a child, we loved adding some creative space for them to write a grocery list or doodle. (And we love chalkboard finishes of all sorts. I have a chalkboard fridge in my kitchen, too… hmm, future blog post potential!)


Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen Pink PaintWe found some pretty paisley scrap fabric at Joannes to use as the curtains, and we added even more pink paint (because a girl can never have enough pink) for more secondary accents.


Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen PantsThe accent color of the photo frames and some of the accessories changed over the course of this project as you can see… It began as orange, went to silver, and changed one more time before the project was completed. This did make for a colorful addition to my work pants!


Media Cabinet To Play Kitchen WindowFinishing touches done! My little Lucy even helped me by watercolor painting a landscape for the window scene, and we added a little quote for our tiny chef to motivate and reminder her how special she is! You could also add a family portrait in the window, a landscape of a vacation destination, or a picture of a family pet!


All finished! We turned this media cabinet destined for the landfill into a one of a kind, fun, and creative play space for the next generation to enjoy.


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Rachel Mongillo

Rachel Mongillo