Blue Antique China Cabinet

FR Story: Blue Antique China Cabinet

Blue Antique China Cabinet

This piece began as a dark wood antique. It was lovely in its original condition, but we couldn’t resist painting it which really allowed the lines and details to stand out. To achieve this look, we painted the entire piece white, and added heavy light-blue drybrushing to give some depth and dimension. We finished by boldly distressing the edges and details, exposing the dark wood.

A truly one of a kind housewarming gift from her parents. We couldn’t imagine a better piece to house our clients vintage teacup collection.

Review from the customer:

I love my two pieces that Rachel “upcycled” for me, they are gorgeous and her work is exquisite!! Always sending pictures of your piece along its journey to get you more excited for the finished product!! I will definitely be using them in the future !! –Kristen K